clouds by night

Clouds by Night are a gothic rock band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2004 by Manolis (Vocals, Keyboards, Programming) and George (Guitars, Bass).

Their music finds its basis in the gothic rock genre, being in the same time heavily infused with dark metal and other, more personal elements.

They released “Waves of Emptiness” in the summer of 2005, a four track demo CD, followed by an expansion of their lineup, and a promo CD in 2008.

Their debut album, “Just Buried”, was released on 23 December 2013, as a digital download that can be acquired by using the pay-what-you-want method.







The current line-up is:

Manolis - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
George - Guitars
Panagiotis - Bass Guitar
Vasilis - Guitars



"Just Buried" is available in our Bandcamp page. You can download it for free (just click "Buy Now" and enter 0.00 when asked) or pay what you want.

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